If you have ever experienced pimples in your nose, you will not forget the situation. Those painful little sores can appear inside the nose unexpectedly. And they can cause discomfort and be downright painful. So, what causes those pimples to appear up in the nostril? It is usually when bacteria have had a chance to take root in the lining of the nose. This usually happens when the lining gets scrapped or cut accidentally. Anyone who picks their nose, child or adult, can accidentally break the lining with the edge of a nail. Men who pluck nose hairs can also get them if more than the hair comes out.

Why are pimples in nose so painful? The nose is actually full of nerves and blood vessels. This densely packed area is quite sensitive. When you have a painful pimple in the nostril, even breathing can become painful. In a few cases, the pimple can actually swell up and block air from coming through the nostril. Many report that these pimples are so painful they brought tears.

What are your options for treating pimples in nose? You have a pimple that is causing you a great deal of discomfort. What do you do to treat it? It is important to clean the area thoroughly with a cotton swab dipped in salty water. Dip the swab into the salty water and thoroughly swab the inside of the nostril. If you want to repeat the procedure, use a clean swab. Do not reuse the swab because you are just going to spread the bacteria around more. After cleaning, you can use a topical antibiotic on another clean swab to treat the sore. Tea tree oil is another option.

How can you prevent pimples in nose? The best way to fight these pimples is to take the offense. Drinking plenty of water is essential. This helps the body fight off infections like pimples with ease. It also helps the body to cure those scrapes or cuts that start the entire process.

What else do you need to know about those pimples in your nose? If you get a pimple high up in the nostril where self-treatment is a problem, consider going to the doctor. You may cause more damage than you intend in this situation. Try not to break the pimple’s head. That can cause bacteria to spread and make more pimples in the process.